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Improving Companies
With Technology



Theresa Sue is the Founder and CEO of The Tech Firm & Co. A women led technology consulting firm focused in the sports & entertainment field. Her previous experience includes working for Major League Baseball, The Dallas Cowboys, NCAA Final Four and the World Champion, Houston Astros. Theresa has also created a large social media community focused on helping women obtain opportunities in tech. As one of the few women who's thrived in mainly male driven industries, Theresa has now dedicated her life to educating and encouraging young women to find their niche in the forever evolving tech world.


"I saw a gap in the industry and there was no better way for me to educate young women than through social media. So I focused my attention on building a brand and a platform that the youth would consider cool enough to keep their attention but also educational enough to spark millennials interest in technology" -Theresa.


With the Tech firm opening its headquarters in 2023, its been full steam ahead for Theresa and her team. From Cyber security to brand optimization or multiverse, companies are lining up to utilize the modern technology and strategies Theresa has created to gain a competitive edge. Theresa's new and hip take on technology has garnered her praise by industry leaders such as AfroTech, Fortune, Women Who Code, Tik Tok, and more.

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