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For Larger Businesses.


Business Meeting

What is included in this plan?

Web Development & Maintenance

With our small biz plan. We offer a 5-page web development; basic design.

Cybersecurity Monitoring & Support

Prevent yourself & team from hackers and phishing attempts. Protection & prevention.

 24/7 Remote Tech Support

We offer a certain amount of hours monthly toward on-call remote support during biz hrs.

Event Technology Support

If you are throwing an event, we can assist with AV, Graphics, Web Design for event & more

Office Technology Set-up

If your biz has an office, this plan includes the setup of a certain amount of equipment.

Employee Device Monitoriing

We can help monitor your employee's device for traffic, lost, and more


Tech Support

If we cannot perform remote support, we will send one of our technicians out to assist on-site.

Technology Tools On & Offboarding

We assist with the tech behind your full cycle of an employee hire to fire.


Cybersecurity Advanced

Advanced cybersecurity monitoring, support, & preventions statuses & calls.



Do you need help marketing and attracting leads. Utilize our talent to help create UGC.

L1 & L2 Remote Tech Support

Step up your customer support with an additional agent to help resolve issues within a SLA.


We help perform security, technology, business, auditing to make sure you are on track.

Project Management & Strategy

For teams that  have great ideas, but don't have the time to come up with a plan to implement.

New Device Provisioning 

We help setup all new devices for new employees, upgrades, etc... 



Hello, my name is Mikayla! I'm going to collect some information about your project. Please provide as much detail as you can.

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